Capsule Technologies CCTV NVR for BVMS Exacqvision Milestone and Axxon

Open Platform Video Surveillance Backend Solutions

Get more out of any VMS  

Capsule Technologies (Pty) Ltd. is a South African company developing optimised backend solutions for the Video Surveillance Market.

The technology behind Capsule products is the alliance of the best ODM hardware, a CCTV optimised RAID engine and a CCTV optimised Virtual Machine engine.

Our in-house middleware CAPS-OS, pre-installed on all our products, enables a gain of performance between 30% to 50% against other CCTV backend solution like Hikvision NVR, Milestone Husky, Bosch DIP / DSA E Series, Exacqvision NVR, etc.

Capsule appliances under CAPS-OS have been intensively benchmarked, their superiority has been validated and certified by the greatest VMS vendors such as BOSCH, Exacq, AxxonSoft, Milestone.

CAPEX is reduced up to 50% compared to other vendors at equivalent performance requirement.

OPEX is reduced up to 70%, thanks to the agility of our Virtual Machine Engine enabling fast restoration of commissioning state and realtime replication on a redundant hardware.

Where the management of a DELL Isilon storage requires a PhD, Capsule storage is deployed in less than 30 minutes, allowing CCTV System Integrators to focus on the quality of the Cameras installation and proper setup of the VMS.

Our support and development team is based in South Africa and not in a far-far-away call center oversea, offering an immediate response to any support matters.

Everyone is more than welcome to come and discover our products, we have a Lab capable of simulating more than 1000 cameras of any resolutions, at any framerate.

Since 2014, Capsule has deployed more than 150 sites over South Africa and Southern African Countries.

Tel: (+27) 021.851.7800 - Email: