Capsule Technologies CCTV NVR for BVMS Exacqvision Milestone and Axxon

Open Platform Video Surveillance Backend Solutions

Get more out of any VMS  


> Training

- Capsule provides certified Basic and Advanced Trainings

- Training on Capsule Hardware

- Training on CAPS-OS (Virtualization and optimised RAID)

- Training on the Integration of your favorite VMS with Capsule

Capsule Technologies Professional Services

> Pre-Commissioning

- Pre-configuration in factory of Capsule systems

- Pre-installation of your favorite VMS

- Burning Test with Camera simulator over 48 Hours

- Hand-over configuration documents for seamless on-site deployment

> Post-sales support

- Support scheme based on your SLA requirement

- Mission Critical support scheme available

- On-site support on request

- System fix and repair on and off-site

> On-site Commissioning

- On-site Integration of Capsule systems

- Assistance of VMS configuration

- Site health check and validation

Over the years, Capsule technical team has developed a unique technical know-how in the deployment and support of CCTV installations.

Unlike most Hardware vendors, Capsule team makes sure that the VMS integration is optimal with the Hardware.

Capsule Professional Services are covering your needs for the entire live cycle of a project, ensuring that SLA between System Integrators and the end-user is viable on the long term.